Sunday, April 22, 2012

April is Speeding Past

Raised bed garden box.
We have just finished putting together a planter box and have retreated inside out of the heat. April has turned into a hot mudder, and if this is a harbinger of the summer, we are in for a bit of trouble. The spring garden is started, and we are adding our 1-box-a-year to the collection. Our neighbors inspired and assisted us (by cutting the dado grooves in the corner pieces) so we assembled it today.  What you see is upside down, and it's only 3'x3' or so.  There is room to add another row of panels if I want it higher.  Otherwise, the legs go into the ground. Not sure why it's recommended to do that, unless it's to prevent the squirrels from carrying it away. 
Have also been working diligently in class, working on glass pretties. Ordered findings online  so I could finish some of the pieces.  
No time to be bored, no time to waste. If I can manage to register for the metals class next Fall, 
I'll continue learning about metal working for jewelry making.
This is fascinating, and I enjoy it, although it's taking away from painting time. What a dilemma.  So much to do, and time just slides past.  

The garden needs attention, although it's already giving back. Last night we ate a large salad that had fresh arugula, baby lettuces, tiny snow peas, scallion blossoms and basil from the garden.  Happy dinner! Perhaps later, when there is more shade. Right now, it's hot hot HOT out there!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kitchen Faucet Cha-Cha

That pesky faucet needed repairing urgently. Been dripping (running) every time it was used, and we'd been looking at new faucets (Home Depot, Costco).  One evening a week or so ago, it finally quit, and my fairy godmother was looking after me, since it just stopped, instead of sending a geyser of water at the ceiling.  (Yes, I am thankful for small favors.) Since Jim didn't want to just buy the one we originally spied at Costco, there was no replacement ready to go. That one was VERY reasonably priced... of course.  
Back to Costco. No "last of the bunch" pricing. Too cranky to start the search over, so just looked at the two or three on hand, and picked the one that had a $50 rebate.  Handsgrohe... or some fancy German name. 

At home, I removed all of the cleaning supplies out from under the sink, and contorted my body to fit under to take a look at what needed to be done. Twenty years ago, I'd have just grabbed the wrenches and done it. Not so now. The attachments were in places I couldn't reach without breaking an arm and there were so many lines snaking around that it would have been a cluster. 

I got smart. Called a plumber, and had him do it. Of course it was a great amount of money, but we changed out the shutoff valves, removed the water filtration system (been meaning to replace it for two years), and it's done. 

Plumber did his share of grunting and mumbling, (much nicer than I would have been), checked all the faucets in the house, tightened up the one in the shower that was dripping, and voila' it's done.  Jim mentioned yesterday that he liked the new one, which is unusual, because he doesn't usually say anything, and I love it. 

So, yes, I suppose I could have done it, or WE could have done the work, but the cost of the chiropractor's visits over several weeks to repair the tweeked backs would have run through the checkbook just as fast.