Friday, June 24, 2011

Magnolia Leaf Study

So this morning, I slipped out of bed, started the coffee and went into the studio to paint. I'm trying to limber up the skills so that I can participate in a plein-air paint-out at the California State Fair in July  (oops, I'd better get that application into the mail quickly...)  It's over a weekend, and any work completed will be exhibited. Of course, any artist working will be an exhibit all their own, and better be ok with people offering advise, or wanting to talk about their grandchild's fingerpaints that show genius.
So, this is the first of the studies meant to get me in shape.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where Do the Mornings Go?

Intention: finish emptying dishwasher, put breakfast dishes in the washer and head out to do some garden work.  9 AM

Reality: Emptied the dishwasher, put in breakfast dishes, and started to wipe down stove. Noticed that the fan screens were a "bit" dirty. Took them out. GROSS!  OK, I hadn't cleaned them since before I took the temp job with VZW last September, and time just slipped away. In face, many of the "deep" cleaning jobs around here were shuffled aside during that intense 7 months.

The screens were saturated with grease, which is no surprise, since my beloved hubby has been making popcorn lately, and while he cleans up his mess (mostly) those aren't even a speck on his horizon. 

I started with dish washing detergent, grabbed a toothbrush (they are aluminum mesh, and a bit fragile) and started in. Mmm, no go, or at least not really fast.  Dug around for the Goo Gone, and it's down to it's last little bit, and the sprayer doesn't work well.  Fetched the Dissolve-It from the garage-laundry area and dragged the rolling stool to the sink. 

Gaack. There is an impossibly large amount of stuff that those screens hold, and it kept coming out.  Once started, in to the finish on this, so I kept running hot hot hot water and spraying them down, gently brushing all the while.   Now they are clean. Finally. I re-inserted them under the hood, and wiped down all the surfaces with the last of the Goo Gone. Cleaned up the nasty mess in the sink, and put my kitchen back in some semblance of order. Now it's 11am. My hands are pruned, and the morning is almost gone, the temp outside is warmer. Oh well. Will water the plants I was going to set up irrigation and pick a few weeds for good measure. 

Maybe tomorrow?  Naaaah.