Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mixed Feelings

With the sun streaming through the blinds of my bedroom window, I burrowed under my mother's quilt for a last few minutes before slowly getting out of bed. This is the last week of lazy mornings before I return to the workforce, and I am wistful about the pace and richness of this last year.

Going back to work - to work for Verizon - is something I never imagined that I would be doing again. When I skipped happily out of the doors for the last time, humming "Another one bites the dust" to myself, it never occurred to me that I would be walking back. Yes, the circumstances are different, and yes, it's more money, and a temporary contract through a separate agency, but still...

Because I don't know exactly what I will be doing, with only a description of my possible duties, it's very like standing at the edge of a pool, wondering about the temperature of the water. I also wonder about my own skill level, my energy level and my ability to tolerate the corporate culture again. This last year I have relaxed, healed, played, spent wonderful time with Jim, my family and friends. Will I be able to come back up to speed with programs, and multitasking (a much over-rated phenomenon that indicates too much on one's plate)? Will I have time to accomplish the things that are important to me? Am I worrying unnecessarily?

This is supposed to be a temporary posting. That's one of the things that makes this palatable, for now. I can handle most anything for a few months. It will be a good thing to have money that doesn't come out of our funds, especially more than unemployment pays. Unemployment is ending soon.

So, here I am, on a Tuesday, sitting at my computer, listening to the blue jays screeching at the squirrels in the back yard, and having the time to comtemplate what my life will be like in the next few months. The house is quiet, and I am relaxed, breakfasted and coffee'd, and I love how this feels. We will see how it plays out in the next month.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping in the Sierra Nevadas

Back from a wonderful camping trip. The weather (except for the last night) was perfect. The surroundings were breath taking, the food was incredible, and the company of friends all one could ask for. We pitched our tent, set up a comfy bed (luxurious by previous camping standards) and had a ball.

Our campsite overlooked Trumbull Lake, elevation 9,600'. It's nestled along the escarpment on the east side of the Sierras. The rocks rise almost vertically, with little lakes dotted along their base. There are piles of rubble, (scree or talus, I think it's called) along the base, which makes it look impossible for climbers. There are trails to hike to the summit, and several of our group did that, bringing back tales of lakes, waterfalls, streams with golden trout, and even a little glacier.

The fishing is easy, and even I caught trout!
This photo is one of our group
with his catch. I didn't really think I would be fishing, since I intended to do some painting, but heck, it was fun. Did a little painting too, but there was so much to do: walks to take, things to look at, sitting and just gazing out over the lake, talking with friends. I took some photos to work from, so we will see.

It's funny, before I became unemployed, I'd never thought much about fishing, it was for other people. This last year, I've gone twice. It still seems a bit odd, when I try to imagine myself going fishing, but both times it was fun, and catching fish is exciting, no matter what anyone says. I guess the same thing holds for golfing. You just never know what life will hand you when you have a little time to play. I wonder what other things are in store.

The meadow in the forground held a few surprises. One morning, we walked past a doe, grazing along the path. We were within 10 feet of her. There were these teeny tiny little frogs, about the size of my little fingernail, moving toward the water. We walked past bear scat. (Whoopee.) Bird song, mobs of chipmunks and ground squirrels, and very few mosquitos added to the picture. I saw a beaver home. Can't say it was a dam, because it was on the edge of the lake, and not on a stream, but interesting anyway.

I am tired, happy to be home, and filled with images and thoughts that happen when one is removed from the regular environment. There is a peacefulness that happens, and I cherish that.

Oh, and I DID work on a basket...