Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Patio Project is Finished...

 The patio project is finished, or at least the cement part of the cobblestone pavers. We are now adding some fill dirt to the edges and starting to plant ground
cover to landscape. This has taken three of our summers to complete, and I will never watch the DIY channel again and think "Oh that looks easy, I can do that". 
However, it is soooo worth it. I love the look, and it has that air of very old cobblestone streets, a bit uneaven (no 4" spike heels please) and worn.  We acquired a table and chairs from some friends and have discovered that there is a lovely breeze that crosses the yard there.  It's nicer than the little patio off the family room.

Now we are starting to take care of the rest of the yard, which was sadly neglected this summer in favor of the cement work. Think we will have a party in October to celebrate.  Brats on the BBQ, beer in the cooler and Bocce Ball on the meadow/lawn. Wheeee.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Shoes

There is something about a pair of red shoes that uplifts my spirits and makes me smile. I am ready to invent an occasion to wear them, to prance around and grin until my dimples ache.  Is there love in red shoes, or just the illusion of romance?  Happy dance for feet!

The miracle of current internet shopping has made a chore (one that formerly brought me to tears) a pleasant prospect. With this delight, I currently have two new pairs of shoes that fit my odd-duck feet, one the pictured in red, and a lovely black suede in the same style.