Monday, July 9, 2012


apricots vs. a quarter
Apricots, Plums and Figs, oh my.  This year's crop of apricots was lovely. I've never had such large, juicy fruit from these two trees, and it's been made into jam.  The crop luckily wasn't in the  overload numbers, so we are able to handle it, and almost as suddenly as it started, the crop is finished. Now we will handle the plums, and there are a LOT more plums on the trees, although they are smaller.  I think I have a couple of days rest before they come in.  The neighbors donated a flat of figs, so that is yummy as well.  
apricots in the kitchen

Standing over the sink, biting into ripe fruit is one of the blessings of summer. Some of the fruit didn't even make it into the kitchen, eaten while standing on the ladder and reaching high into the branches. Sun warmed apricots, tasting faintly of vanilla and magic, juice dripping. Oh yes, heaven.  

I have given up on apricots from the store. I pick one up, and sniff. It doesn't smell like fruit. I put it back, disappointed.  

I now have jars of apricot, apricot plum and apricot strawberry jam.  Tried the apricot plum on banana pancakes yesterday, even though the jam  hasn't set. (It takes a while for the jam to "jell").  I may have to open up another  jar soon.   Hmmmmmm.