Thursday, March 15, 2012

A bump in the road.. or a major pothole?

Not a great deal to say, have been dealing with medical issues, health, hospitals, fitness, therapy and such things. We started the year with great intentions: signed up with a gym and began going 3x a week. My regular docs decided to have me go to therapy, OT for my hands and PT for back and knees.  Thus, I have been very busy with appointments, and sessions at the gym.  My dear husband was going to work out as well.  

A couple of weeks ago, Jim had an event... horrible bleeding ulcer that put him into the hospital for 4 days.  ICU, blood transfusions (6 units) and it was scary as hell. We are getting back to our normal life, (slowly) and such, but it gives me much to think about, and some changes that have to be made.  I am thankful for much, and have "giving blood" on my list of things to do soon. Six other people gave theirs for my honey, so I need to give back.  If you think about it, give some too.