Friday, July 25, 2014

Painting in Walnut Grove

Spent two days painting with a friend in a tiny town called Walnut Grove on the American River. It was a much needed escape from the realities of everyday life. I am grateful for the break, and the chance to focus on art.

My beloved husband has been diagnosed with a serious, perhaps fatal illness, and we have been at medical offices and facilities almost every day for two months now, with no visible end in sight. To help you understand why I love him so much: when I asked him what I could do to make him feel better, he said "Paint", and told me that if I don't do what I love, he can't be happy.  Jim wouldn't let me cancel the Plein Air event in Alameda, so I am still preparing to go. We have a close friend who will stay with him so I can rest easy.  (Ha!, I will worry excessively, call him frequently and harass our friend for updates but I am grateful for his generosity.)

So, I will be staying with some wonderful friends, and for a few hours here and there, will be absorbed in work. I hope to return with my batteries recharged, and be able to get back into winning this battle.  

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