Friday, February 21, 2014

Good Times for ART

Been really busy these days, but it's all good. I've taken several little "art trips" and done some plein air painting. I'm taking a class in ceramics and teaching basket making... and loving it all. Here are some of the efforts in the painting area: (all are fairly small, easier to transport, as they are all oils...).
This is "Green Pitcher" and was done in the little town of Locke,CA, at Martha Esch's studio.  We met there on a Saturday afternoon to paint a still life, as it was too cold to work outside. Locke is a tiny little place on Hwy. 160.
This is from a trip to the San Luis Obispo area, on the road from Paso Robles to the ocean. I stopped at an overlook, parked the car at the side of the road and set up to paint.  I have always loved the hills of the coastal range, and this was fun to paint.

This one is on that same road, closer to Paso Robles itself.

There are numerous wineries along the road, winding through the hills. I stopped, turned up a small road and set up to paint.  I think the winery was named Summerwood, and when I stopped and went in to the winery itself, it was lovely.  I'm hoping to return to the area this spring, to paint some more.  I have some wonderful in-laws/cousins that welcomed me into their home and let me stay and paint.  

I think this year I will try to make more small trips to go out and paint.  Two or three day jaunts are about right to go... and I love to visit friends as well. 

And not to ignore the ceramics, I'll have some photos of the bowls I've done soon.   One of the promises I have made to myself is to buy a good camera. I've been taking photos with my phone, and it's just not enough.... As soon as I can gather my nickles together...

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