Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is Upon Us

So now I am in the midst of planting, teaching, learning and just enjoying some of the most beautiful weather I can imagine. Sacramento has had a "non-winter", and there will be consequences, but the up side is some beautiful days. Yesterday was 78° and the day before as well in the high 70's.  I'm putting in vegetables, and building little net fences to slow down my girls from eating the seedlings before they get big enough to  hold their own. I love the chickens, but they can be a destruction derby in a vegetable bed.
So far, I've added celery & beets to one bed, and have onions, garlic and chives going in another.  The strawberries wintered over, and have blooms on them. Boy, do the chickens love those!

The girls have finished molting, and all three of them are laying. It's such a thrill to find three eggs in the boxes.  I did collect the feathers to use on a basket, to show the basket making students what you can do with embellishments. The basket class turned out to have a huge number of students... so I'm very busy...the time flies by before I catch my breath. 

And then there is the ceramics class. I'm having so much fun there, and need to figure out how to continue working this summer when class is finished.  The park across the way has a kiln, and there is a ceramics instructor taking my basket class... so possibilities are there if I pursue them. OK, time to organize materials for class, and get into teacher mode.  ♥

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